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Proven Reformer

Milo Stevanovich’s father escaped Communist Yugoslavia and emigrated to the United States through Ellis Island with nothing more than his hopes and dreams for a better life. For those who fled oppression, America stood for freedom, equality and opportunity. Milo’s father imparted to his son the values that we Americans hold dear: fairness, personal responsibility, self-reliance, rule of law and the value of education.

When Eastern European countries finally shed their dictatorships for democracy, Milo made his way there as an American advisor. He led broad-based reforms to help end the hopelessness and resignation that totalitarian state-planned socialist regimes had wrought. Today, our own free-market culture and rule of law that provide the basic enabling environment for our creativity, risk-taking, and prosperity are now under threat from within. Reform is needed at home. The time for strong competent leadership is now.


    What I believe:

  • Strong economy -- healthy growth, with fair and open opportunity for all.
  • Low taxes -- so people can keep the money they earn.
  • Smart, sensible, lean regulation -- for a fair and uncomplicated business playing field.
  • Speaking truth to socialism’s false narrative and hollow progressive promises.
  • Strong military defense, border security and cybersecurity.


  • Pushback on unfair international trade policies that hurt America’s workers and businesses alike.
  • Stand up to aggression and provide strong, unwavering support to our allies.
  • Support to NATO allies while assuring they contribute their fair share.
  • Environmental protection that works.
  • Keeping private health care coverage and the promise of seeing the doctor you want.
Milo Stevanovich is an international attorney specializing in post-conflict economic reform and strengthening the rule of law. He has led or advised on economic and legal system reform in Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Armenia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Philippines and Georgia. He holds accounting and law degrees, as well as an Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard. He has attained Certified Public Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor designations and is licensed to practice law in California. His resume includes International consultancies Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte.